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08 October 2019Happy and Glorious: A thousand Years of English Coronations
12 November 2019Making a Stand: Sporting Architecture, List or Lose it
10 December 2019From Peasants to Czars: A portrait of 19th century Russia
14 January 2020Carpet Ride to Khiiva - Exploring the revival of 15th century Persian manuscripts.
11 February 2020The Founders and Treasures of the Wallace Collection
10 March 2020Pots and Frocks - The world of Grayson Perry
14 April 2020The Siren Sea - The Medieval Mariner
12 May 2020Japanese Art and the West - From Nambam to Japanoiserie
09 June 2020Laura Knight - From Newlyn to Nuremburg
14 July 2020Rupert - The Anthropomorphic Bear
13 October 2020Huguenot silk weavers of Spitalfields - From Riches to Rags
10 November 2020Collecting the Grand Tour - A look at the enlightenment of the English gentleman
08 December 2020The mystery of Holbein's Ambassadors

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Happy and Glorious: A thousand Years of English Coronations BARBARA ASKEW Tuesday 08 October 2019

The lecture looks at the evolution of the coronation ceremony from Saxon times.  It gives an account of the ill-omens and memorable mishaps which have occurred at coronations throughout the centuries.

Barbara is a Blue-Badge Tourist Guide.  She is a rota guide at the British Museum, the Houses of Parliament and the Albert Memorial