01 December 2018Arts Society Portsea Island -Constitution Update
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27 January 2017Silk Road Study Day
01 January 2017Working with other Arts Organisations

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Arts Society Portsea Island -Constitution Update
Saturday 01 December 2018

Arts Society Portsea Island: Proposed amendments to the Constitution with rationale:

Part 1, Clause 1 – Name:

The Society shall be called "The Arts Society Portsea Island", hereinafter referred to as "The Society." The Arts Society Portsea Island is the operating name for the Portsea Island Decorative and Fine Arts Society (PIDFAS).

Rationale: to reflect the recent rebranding of NADFAS and PIDFAS (as agreed at 2017 AGM) in a way that minimises administrative issues regarding banking etc.

Part 1 Clause 3 – Objects:

(c) The arrangement of study days for members of the Society to enable the exploration of topics in greater breadth and depth;

(f) To find other ways, as the Committee shall decide, to support the decorative and fine arts, their recording and conservation, and the activities of the Society.

Rationale: To ensure the clause explicitly reflects the current operations of the Society.

Part 2, Clause 7 – Membership:

(6) Members’ details will be processed fairly and lawfully and in accordance with the Society’s legitimate activities. Members’ details may be disclosed to The Arts Society and to other Member Societies, Area, or organisations affiliated to The Arts Society or the Society. Members shall notify any changes of address or other contact details to the Society.

Rationale: to ensure that members’ data is held and processed in accordance with any legislation and/or regulations in force at the material time.

Part 2, Clause 9 – General Meetings:

(1) The Annual General Meeting shall be held at such time and place as shall be determined by the Committee, but shall normally be held each year as part of the December lecture meeting.

Rationale: moving the AGM from November to December will more effectively enable the preparation, presentation and circulation of the Accounts in good time prior to AGM

Part 2, Clause 16 – The Management Committee:

(h) Study Days Secretary;

Rationale: To ensure the clause explicitly reflects the current structure of the Management Committee

Part 2, Clause 17 – The appointment of the Committee:

(3) The Officers and elected Committee Members shall retire and be eligible for re¬election at each Annual General meeting, such retirements being effective upon the election of the Officers and elected Committee Members for the forthcoming year. No member of the Committee shall normally hold any one position for more than three consecutive years.

Rationale: To explicitly reflect current and past practice.

Clause 29 – Rules:

(1)          Any subscription for membership, non-member lecture fees, and all other charges for Society events shall be for such sum or sums as may be determined from time to time by the Management Committee.

Rationale: to bring all provisions for fees under one clause and allow for the effective management of Society finances.